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   Durano Eco-Farm and Spring Resort - Barangay Corte, Carmen
   Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In Barangay Corte (about 5 kilometers from poblacion - turn left beside Carmen National High School) is an abundance of water that cascades through mountainsides that feeds an endless flow of streams and rivers.

There is something in the cool blessing of the murmuring brooks that soothes the mind and enriches the feelings of the heart.

In this upland mountainous part of town - the prevailing ambiance truly refreshes the senses.

This is Nature's masterpiece at its best !

Entrance Fee P60 adults; P30 children
Cottages P450 / P 650
Tree Houses (overnight) P1200 / P1500 / P2000

Contact Nos. 0916-578-7843 c/o Marife Pagatpat