St. Agustin Parish Church
St. Agustin Parish Church

The Parish of San Agustin in Carmen was established on August 19, 1851 (Redondo, 1886:160). Its first priest was Fr. Antonio de Jesus (Yap, et. al., 1981:60). The parish used to be a visita of Catmon. Like most of the parishes, records showing its history are almost non-existent save for the founding date and the list of priests who served the parish.

Originally, the church of Carmen was made of coral stone and its belfry which was built over the baptistery was made of wood. The belfry was re-constructed and made of cement sometime after 1945 during the tenure of Fr. Miguel Ortega who served the parish from 1945 to 1953. The convent was reconstructed by Fr. Zacarias Suñer in the 1950s (Archdiocese of Cebu, 1959:47).

Sometime in the 1960s, the old coral stone church was demolished and replaced by a structure made of hollow blocks and cement. The design was quite modern, a far cry from the original. Two years ago, after completing the new convent, Fr. Jaime Borces embarked on an ambitious reconstruction of the church. Work started specifically on the making of a dome. Which has already been completed. (LEA/EC) - Balaanong Bahandi

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